Clever Ways to Promote your EV

I enjoyed a quick story in a recent EVWorld about how to get people to let you charge your EV on their power. Of course, most don't realise how cheap electricity is..


"Chevrolet Volt owner Armen Hareyan provides some practical tips on how to ask people to let you recharge your electric using their power outlet" starts the article.

You may enjoy the story -, which has the following paragraph in it, which tickled me as it is brilliant to hear of change-events like this:

On a trip to San Diego from my home in Santa Monica, CA, I stayed at a local hotel there. I asked the hotel manager if I could plug in my car and charge it. At first, he said “No.” Then he agreed but said I’d have to pay him $100! After some further discussion about my car, he came down to $10. After 2 days, he liked the idea of having my car plugged in at his hotel so much (as many guests were asking about it) that by the time I left, he waived the $10 and told me he now wanted to get a plugin car too. He also said he was now going to install more plugs in the hotel garage so more guests could plugin. He realized EV charging is a value added service, just like free Wi-Fi.

Value-adding indeed… to the world's diminishing fuel stores, in fact. Feel free to add your views, if you have something to say, now is the chance!

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