Would you sell MR240, the EV?


Im often asked if I would sell the MR240 EV, and the truth is, as I explain below and if I had to, then yes, even if sadly.

Although it is great fun to drive a small sports car, my partner finds it is a long way down, and she says it a getting harder to get in and out of our EV, the MR240 sports car. 

Her knees are saying 'enough', so it might not be long...


I didn't plan to make a whole blog entry about this but the question came up on a day when someone's knees complained a little more than they should. Normally it is not a problem, but this day I thought that perhaps its time I let someone else enjoy the MR240 EV as much as I do!

At the time we were designing the MR240 I assumed I should make it as drivable and saleable as possible, with all the normal creature comforts. So we planned (and succeeded) to restore the air conditioning, cruise control, ABS braking and the other usual things; and also added front and rear parking sensors, DRLs, a GPS, DVD player and stereo. My phone uses the auto-muting Bluetooth interface and there is also digital TV (plays only when you are stationary, of course) and provision for a reversing camera. 

These cars, as Alex Forrest from the RAC Horizons magazine pointed out, are rather more enthusiasts' cars rather than for just anybody. So if you are special, now is your chance to own something particularly special… This blog will let you find out all about the car, warts and all. There are no secrets, just a great car to drive which is quiet, non-polluting, remarkably cheap to both run and insure, and would suit an interested car owner. 

You can expect as much support as I can provide to ease the transition to owning an EV sports car, especially if it is your first. 


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