Improving on a stereo of 1992

What should one do with the old stereo in a mid-range sports car of the early nineties? It was pretty impressive quality, was dual size (aka L2??), had multi-channel mixer presets, with LCD display, auto scan and played all types of Compact Cassette ® :-) tapes - really well. 

Replacing the old cassette stereo                                                          1 January 2010

'Sell it', was the overall conclusion.

I found a GPS with stereo radio as well as CD and DVD player, audio multi band mixer with pre-sets, Bluetooth for my phone, and also digital TV. The things you can find on the Internet, eh! Reviews suggested I should look for an Australian supplier, in case something went wrong (which was good advice, and the local supplier has been great). Sadly there was no digital radio in the shops then, but there may be today. All I care about is getting the latest maps, and with one upgrade so far. they have been great.

jun'12: And another Maps upgrade recently.

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