ZEV and Range Anxiety Myth?             


I do not worry about the distance I can travel nearly as much as the people who ask me, clearly thinking its the most important issue. But for me, a user, I know what is reasonable, and it works. 
But the recent advent of free public charging is a game-changer - it could turn the range issue on its head!

EVS AND RANGE ANXIETY                                                 26 March 2011

I read a report comparing drivers of EVs and drivers of non-EVs. It argued they - EV drivers - had changed their view about Range since becoming EV-drivers. And a strange thing happened to me recently, causing an even bigger change.

I just accompanied the ZEV240v to a photo shoot in my local town, Fremantle. The City of Fremantle are now offering free parking to EVs and free charging too. Currently its just  a15A plug, but that’s exactly what I need, I’m in favour. See the photo? Up to 12 hours free parking.

City of Freo whizzers Nicholas Takacs (who claims on his business card to also be interested in Coordinating Economic Development ;-)) and Alex Hyndman as well as Freo Gazette Reporter Amy Wilson-Chapman came together for a story...

So firstly I make the point that I am already less concerned about range - I know where I can get to and work accordingly, it happens without any great thought or effort. And now it is gradually looking like EV drivers will have the equivalent of petrol stations everywhere.  I’m not on the lookout for places to charge the batteries anymore - now there is certainty and I know it will work, all day, every day. As more and more of these chanring stations appear, so my job is simplified. Just like non-EV drivers know where their local gas stations are, so I will know where the charging stations are. That certainty changes a person, you know…

This ignored the possibility of plug-surfing - imagine an app on your smart phone where you can look up the nearest  person offering to share a powerpoint nearby. It is less messy than trying to siphon petrol, and a lot cheaper too. More on plug-surfing later!


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