ZEV-240 acts AND talks Green


The MR240v met Green’s senator Lynn MacLaren, MLC. Here they are at South Beach.
As well as showing understanding of the machine, Lynn also demonstrated her commitment to the same issues important to Mr240

THE ZEV240V MACHINE & LYNN MACLAREN, MLC        30 December 2010

It was an eye-opener of a day when the ZEV240 went to visit the Green’s office in South Fremantle. Both Lynn and her staff were both up-to-speed as well as supportive. 

She had just returned from a trip to the US, staying with a friend in California who reported some of the recent initiatives there including support for public charging stations. Lynn has some confidence that Western Australia is the place to make EVs work, and Fremantle could be one of the cities with the energy (just seen the unintentional pun, sorry) to set the pace. Let's hope so...

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