Out with the old (ICE motor)...


MOTOR for sale. Working condition (if you count a noisy, heat-generating, gas-guzzling, oil-consuming mechanism for converting stored energy to road travel at around 28% efficiency as useful work). Suit memorabilia museum.

ADC's 9in-Impulse9

Above is the old one, for sale on GumTree if you’d like (its certainly no ‘clunker’ - but I feel badly, I shouldn’t be allowing it back on the road, should I?).

MR2-temp guage, exhaust

Right is a pic of the new DC motor to go in (pic 1)... not quite as many moving parts, not as ridiculously complex.

We are removing TWO engine computers, four temperature monitors including one from the exhaust (pic 2), engine bay, motor, etc; fuel monitors for low speed and high speed, etc etc) but a DC motor is still right for the job given its elegant simplicity and good torque curve.


WHERE IS THE FILLER TUBE? The most satisfying part was removing the fuel inlet - this (pic 3) is what it looks like when you pop the fuel cap now... and I guess we’ll organise a cute little GPO in its place, so you can plug the car in to the biggest - and cheapest, it turns out, even cheaper than petrol - battery around, namely the power grid.

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