Mr 240 has landed (in WA)

The motor was the best part of the car, according to the previous owner. My dilemma is whether to sell it to recoup some costs, or argue that would be inappropriate to allow a gas guzzler back on the road!

Pick up from the Trucking Company

This morning we drove down to the trucking company and picked up a dirty old MR2 (odo showing ~150k) with the greasiest windows you have ever seen. I had bought it unseen from someone on the other side of the country. He assured me it was in good condition, though! Would I even be able to drive it? Should I thrash it all the way home since the motor wasn't going to last much longer anyway? I didn't :-)

They had already given it a quick wash, implying it was probably even dirtier. The drive across the Nullabor Desert is three or more days by car, not much less by train, but clearly the poor old car was left outside and somewhere near the locomotive, I'd guess...

I have to learn to carry my camera more often, or even pull the mobile phone out and click a shot, so much better than not having anything at all. But I didn't, so no pic, sorry.

The previous owner and I agreed that a Permission to Drive document should cover the need to drive it away without causing unlicensed issues - after all it was still licensed to drive in Sydney - and I’ll use that for a few days until I find out what the challenges with registering it here in WA are. It has a cute little slimline number plate, not sure if I can duplicate that here in Perth.

It was a novel time, driving a car I had owned for a week or so but had not seen, and hoping it would do the job we bought it for. It was a relief to get home, I can tell you…

Before even starting to think about Mr 240's conversion, there were a slash of decisions to be made. License it for a year, or 6 months? It needed work on the air conditioner - would this be wasted or will it not be converted quickly, hence justifying repairs during a hot Perth summer? Just add it to the budget, I guess!

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